Fencing is a fast and highly dynamic sport enjoyed by people of all ages with fencers competing from their early teenage years well into their 80s. Although very much a modern sport, fencing is steeped in history with the first documented fencing rules being written in the mid-1400s. It is one of only three sports that have appeared in every modern Olympic Games since 1896.

Fencing is about using your intellect to score points by attacking and parrying at the right moments during a fencing bout. A fencing bout is very reminiscent of a battle: it contains elements of manoeuvring, reconnaissance and disguise, attack and defence.

Fencing has three disciplines or weapons: foil, epee & sabre, each with different rules and target areas.

Commonwealth Fencing

Thirty-one nations comprise the Commonwealth Fencing Federation. The federation is tasked with encouraging the development of fencing within Commonwealth nations.

The Commonwealth Fencing Federation overseas three different international competitions: The Commonwealth Fencing Open Championship which is held every four years, in the same year as the Commonwealth Games; the Commonwealth Fencing Veteran Championships for fencers aged 40 and above, which is held every two years; and the Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships which is held every three years.

South African Fencing

The Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships 2015 will be hosted by the Fencing Federation of South Africa.

South African fencing continues to grow in terms of numbers and performance with the sport firmly established in six of the country's nine provinces and being developed in the other three. A major focus is the development of fencing in poor and disadvantaged neighbourhoods and a growing number of South African fencers are emerging from these programmes.

A formal high performance programme has been established in the Western Cape province and is showing promising results in national and African fencing competitions.


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Missing competition results

Due to a current technical problem, the results for the Cadet Men’s and Women’s Sabre can be found here.

General Information Announcement - July 2015

Please click here for the latest general information announcement covering weapons check, registration, team managers meeting, bus times, merchandise, and name requirements.

Urgent Technical Bulletin - 3 July 2015

Announcement that Leon Paul epee blades with the dates marked 08-2013 to 06-2015 will not be allowed. Click here for the FIE announcement and here for the CFF statement on upholding of FiE decisions.

Technical Information Bulletin 2 - May 2015

General information bulletin concerning the CFJCC 2015. Click here for the bulletin.


The Commonwealth Fencing Junior Championships for fencers under the age of 20 was first held in India and is held every three years. This is the first time the championship is being staged in Africa and is also the first time that cadet, or U17, categories are being added.

There will be 12 categories covering a combination of weapon, age and gender. Each nation can enter five fencers per category. There will be six U20 team events with each team comprising three members and two substitutes.

Entry fee is GBP 55 per individual event and GBP 165 for the team event. The referee levy will be advised shortly.

Competition entries close 30 May 2015. Team managers please download the entry form here and email the completed form to smcgregor@ctnet.co.za.

Competition Venue

The championship will be held in the sports centre of the University of Cape Town, situated on the slopes of Devils Peak. The sports centre is a leading South African modernist structure with fluid plan geometry and unapologetic expression of bold form.

The Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships will utilise all of the centre's three main sporting halls with ample seating and vantage points for spectators. View map here

A number of fencing equipment and fencing accessory vendors will have retail presences at the venue. Food and refreshments will also be available at the venue.

Cape Town

The Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships 2015 will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. Situated on the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa and is the capital of the Western Cape province.

Cape Town has a mediterranean climate with dry warm summers and mild winters. July in Cape Town is a winter with an average low temperature of 45F/7C and a high of 64F/18C. There is a 43% chance that there will be light or moderate rain in July.

Cape Town is internationally renowned as a tourist destination with a wide variety of experiences for visitors from a tour of the city to a game drive safari. A number of special tours are available for people attending the championships. Details can be downloaded here


The official hotel for the competition is the four-star Strand Tower Hotel and three-star Fountains Hotel, both situated in the heart of Cape Town with Table Mountain as a backdrop and the specular V&A Waterfront within easy reach. Both hotels belong to the Leisure Hotels group www.leisurehotels.co.za

A special accommodation and transport package has been arranged for people attending the championship. The rates, listed below, are per day and are in South African Rand. They include bed, breakfast, dinner and daily transport to and from the competition venue.

Strand Tower Hotel - Single: ZAR 1,125 or Double: ZAR 720 pps
Fountains Hotel - Single: ZAR 910 or Double: ZAR 635 pps

All email bookings are to be sent to sedick@amplesportstravel.com and please cc fencingwesterncape@gmail.com.

Gala dinner & after party

Relax and celebrate the culmination of the Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships 2015 at the gala dinner and after party, at Kelvin Grove, on the 17th July 2015. For more details click here.

Travel Information

Please download the following document here which contains important information for travellers to South Africa.

Of particular importance are new laws governing minors travelling to and from South Africa. With effect from 1st June 2015 minors (under the age of 18) travelling into or out of South Africa may be required to show an unabridged (full) birth certificate which reflects the particulars of the parents of the minor. If the minor is accompanied by only one parent, an affidavit from the other parent registered as a parent at birth and consenting to the travel is required.

If minors are travelling with adults who are not their parents: the accompanying adult requires: a copy of the unabridged birth certificate of the child; an affidavit from both the parents or legal guardian of the child confirming that he or she has permission to travel with the child: copies of the identity documents or passports of both the parents or legal guardian of the child, and the contact details of the parents or legal guardian of the child.

Partners & Sponsors

Commonwealth Fencing Federation

The primary function of the Commonwealth Fencing Federation is to encourage the development of Fencing within Commonwealth Nations. Membership is open to national governing bodies of fencing in Commonwealth countries.

One of the CFF's key roles is to arrange for the regular holding of Commonwealth Fencing Championships. After issuing a formal call for nominations, the CFF awards the Championships to selected host nations. Actual organisation of each event is managed by the host nation.

Fencing Federation of South Africa

The Fencing Federation of South Africa is responsible for the development and management of fencing in South Africa.

South African fencing continues to grow in terms of numbers and performance with the sport firmly established in six of the country's nine provinces and being developed in the other three. A major focus is the development of fencing in poor and disadvantaged neighbourhoods and a growing number of South African fencers are emerging from these programmes.

Fencing Western Cape

Fencing Western Cape is one of the largest fencing provinces, in terms of members, in South Africa and is the host province for the 2015 Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships.

The twin objectives of Fencing Western Cape are to grow participation in the sport as well as improved the performance of South African fencers in international competitions. A number of programmes exist to achieve these aims including:

  • Cape Flats Fencing - a program to establish clubs in disadvantaged areas in Cape Town.
  • Schools League - the development of a competition format specifically for school clubs.
  • O25 League - a competitive league designed for social fencers over the age of 25
  • High Performance Programme - the only formal high performance programme in South Africa which has produced some of the country's top foists and epeeists.
  • 2024 Project - which aims to get a South African fencer into the top eight of the 2024 Olympic Games.

International Charity Fund for the Future of Fencing

The mission of the International Charity Fund for the Future of Fencing is to facilitate international growth of fencing and raise it to a higher level worldwide.


Western Cape Government

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) of the Western Cape Government encourages excellence and inclusivity. DCAS unites people through sport and culture to ensure a creative and active Western Cape. They bind the province's communities as a strong and unified nation and create opportunities through funding and collaboration.


City of Cape Town

The goal of the City of Cape Town is to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all of Cape Town's residents by offering a wide range of well maintained and managed sport and recreation facilities. The various activities offered aim to uplift the standard of living of residents, especially those in disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups such as the youth. Besides being an excellent stress reliever active participation in sport and recreation promotes a balanced healthy lifestyle.



The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee is South Africa's national multi-coded sporting body responsible for the preparation, presentation and performance of teams to all multi-coded events, namely the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Games, All Africa Games, Olympic Youth Games, Commonwealth Youth Games and Zone VI Games.

SASCOC looks after the various National Federations who are affiliated to SASCOC, together with the various provincial sports councils.

SASCOC is responsible for the awarding for National Protea Colours to athletes/officials who have met the criteria to represent South Africa in different sporting codes and arenas. SASCOC also endorses the applications for Bidding and Hosting of international events, providing these criteria are all met.


Leisure Hotels

Leisure Hotels is a privately owned group with 5 hotels located in Cape Town. The hotels provide accommodation for all types of travellers, including tourists, tour groups, corporate guests and even locals looking for a getaway in the city. Four of the group's hotels are located in the city centre and one is located a little outside the busy metropole. This provides a close base for all guests to explore and enjoy Cape Town with minimal hassle over transport or parking.



The Allstar shop at the competition venue will be selling weapons, equipment, repair kits. A small amount of clothing will be on sale. If you know you will require clothing, please pre-order so as not to be disappointed. All goods from allstar.de available for order.

There will not be a name printing facility at the competition venue so should you require name printing for clothing or lame's please pre-order the clothing with the required name and country lettering. Pre-order closes 15 June 2015.

For a quote, please email allstarfencingsa@gmail.com


Iconic Italian fencing manufacturer Negrini will have a presence at the Commonwealth Fencing Junior and Cadet Championship 2015 in Cape Town. Negrini will showcase some of its clothing range and will take orders for clothing and equipment.

For South African fencers wanting to be one of the first to wear a mask with the new FIE-approved flag design, Negrini will take orders prior before the 20th of June and have the masks available at the competition venue.

To download a Negrini catalogue please visit our South African website negrini.co.za.

Tyshler Fencing

The Tyshler Fencing shop was established in1993 and offers a wide range of clothing, equipment and accessories.

Tyshler Fencing will be offering a range of fencing books and training DVDs at the competition venue.

For information about what will be available, please email mail@fencingschool.co.za.


To contact the organisers please email fencingwesterncape@gmail.com
For information about hotel accommodation and transport please email sedick@amplesportstravel.com

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